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Red Tail Hawk

Red Tail Hawk

Driving to and from work each day often gave me time to think about my students. Solon Community School District where I taught Art is in an affluent Iowa lake side community. The district was experiencing a building boom; constructing big homes on high priced last year's corn stubble. Competition was fierce even for lots with a mere glimpse of either McBride or Coralville lake. A dream place to teach the arts with students from professional and business households with strong support of a fine arts curriculum. Living on acreages most parents had at least a Bachelor's degree or above; nature enthusiasts. The results was parents and students that held Maynard Reece as the standard. I called this obsession "Duck and Dog Art". First day of hunting season as you can imagine found classroom attendance hit like a major flu epidemic . There is nothing wrong with a well painted outdoor Sean, I just wanted to broaden their artistic taste and put some variety in my days.

I wanted the students to embrace good drawing; Not being able to draw for an artist is like a plumber without a wrench; Degas said; "drawing is everything". So, I used their love of wildlife Art as a departure for drawing something else. I wanted them to play the what I call the "what if game" Drawing classes under my predecessor ranged from 3 to 11 students per period. I was originally hired to teach Art,  supervise study hall and yearbook advisor.  Drawing classes was now in high demand; the school counselor always begging "Jim please just take one more".  The entire football team now took art once considered a class only for girls.... (Matt the team quarter back proved to be one of my most gifted). The district removed me from study hall second quarter in order to add another art class. Yearbook three years later.
So one day on the way to work I'm driving up Hi-way one I'm wondering how to expand the communities taste for art beyond this year's Iowa duck stamp winner. Just then a red tail hawk flew over my car. This started me contemplating the small in nature is beautiful too. Having worked with SEMs (Scanning Electron Microscopes) when I was a ceramic engineer in industry I knew the beauty of the micro world. Georgia O'keeffe (one of my favorite artists) enlarged to abstraction. So, I thought "what if" I painted a hawk flying in the microscopic world of a SEM (scanning electron microscope) focused on the edge of a mollusk. I could use it as departure from wildlife painting for the kids. So, I entered the painting "Red Tail Hawk" in the spring Solon High school art show as that years art teacher's submission.
American; acrylic, airbrush, and wood panel original 2'X3'
Acrylic on Canvas £164.65
2' X 3' (can be ordered in varying proportions)
1' X 1' 6"  £82.34
Paper Giclee 2' X 3' image with 1" border  all round £98.79
1' X 1'6" £49.39


Our Price: £164.65

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