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Sir Kyffin WilliamsSir Kyffin Williams
Limited Edition Prints ~ Printiau Argraffiad Cyfyngedig..... This is an unique opportunity for art lovers and collectors to purchase some of Kyffin Williams' work and, at the same time, assist Oriel Ynys Môn and the Sir Kyffin Williams Trust build a new gallery in honour of this great artist, which will be a permanent celebration of his achievement...... Dyma gyfle unigryw i'r sawl sy'n mwynhau casglu celf i brynu gwaith Syr Kyffin Williams yn ogystal â chynorthwyo Oriel Ynys Môn ac Ymddiriedolaeth Syr Kyffin Williams adeiladu Oriel bwrpasol yn enw'r artist arbennig hwn, a fydd yn ddathliad parhaol o'i lwyddiant ef.
Elaine JeffreysElaine Jeffreys
This is an opportunity to purchase some of Elaine Jeffreys' work. Her special interest lies in the atmospheric portrayal of seascapes and landscapes but her work also includes architechtural subjects and portraiture. She frequently features figures in her landscapes and her studies of children absorbed in activities on the seashore reflect her own childhood experiences. In the last ten years her work has been extensively collected not only in the UK but also in Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.
Rhian SymesRhian Symes
Water colour painting came to Rhian at a time in her life when she had just had a stroke. Having been told by her physio use your arm or lose it, she says it made her you wake up to her self. She tried painting pets, flowers; usual subjects, then she decided to get her camera out, the birds were wonderful to see but the refection they made intrigued her more. She uses bright colours, wobbly shapes and extended images, the colour from the sky, trees houses, canal boats all adding to the colours she creates.
Brenda SteventonBrenda Steventon
Living in Llanbedrgoch , Anglesey My family all live in North Wales. Art was always my best subject at school, and was always painting and drawing as a child , I was not in a position to further my love of it at the time so I am mostly self taught. Now I have more free time I live to draw and paint animals , people and landscapes I see around me . I love to capture the relationship between animals and owner. I do accept commissions.
Eve HoyleEve Hoyle
My name is Eve Hoyle,I am an art graduate with a Ba Honours in Fine art, I specialise in water colour/mixed media on a variety of beautiful locally sourced timbre. All my pieces vary in size, texture, amd subject matter, making them beautifuly unique, with each being a "one of a kind."
Gareth Brindle JonesGareth Brindle Jones
I have been creating art for several years with various materials, painting with oils and acrylics on canvas or boards. In recent years I have settled into a studio space near to home, just a stones throw from Broad beach in Rhosneigr. The astounding local and regional environment inspires me to produce peaceful, colourful seascapes, mountain views, and I love still life studies. There is no end to seeking out new places on Anglesey, whilst drawing from emotional responses to my own rich life experiences. Happiness to me is preparing a fresh canvas at around midnight for my next piece….
Gareth HughesGareth Hughes
Gareth Hughes has Welsh parentage and various lines of his family descend from various parts of North Wales including near Denbigh and Caenarfon. He currently lives and works in East Yorkshire, balancing his role as Head of Art and Technology at an independent school and examining for one of the main examination boards alongside maintaining his own practice. Over the years, he has exhibited his work in Germany and Hungary as well as in the UK, having studied Fine Art up to postgraduate level and being in receipt of awards such as the Boise Scholarship. His most recent work includes a series of graphic works in inks, watercolour and / or gouache covering various genres. This largely figurative series is anticipating a number of oil paintings (looser in style) over the forthcoming summer period. Inspiration is drawn from a range of sources including the work of British Romanticists such as Samuel Palmer and David Jones as well as the automatism of Surrealists such as Andre Masson.
Jacqueline AlkemaJacqueline Alkema
My paintings are the product of a thought process leading to a visualization of an inner state. The starting point for any piece of work is the imagination triggered by reading, research or working from life. The female figure with at times awkward poses is a predominant feature in my work. Paintings develop through experimentation and intuition but with an awareness and control of the media used. Working in oil and mixed media I have in the past used painting techniques and layering of materials to create a physical and emotional depth. ('Women with a past' 2006) The use of collage is something I frequently return to in my work. ('Icon' series 2012) My work sometimes deals with sexuality and domesticity (2007 series 'My mother's s sewing box' 2007) Childhood memories and emotional experiences are recurring themes in my work. ('In the night' series and 'Reaction' series 2009/10)
Jacqueline JonesJacqueline Jones
Jacqueline Jones is an artist from Ceredigion in West Wales. She has exhibitied at the Whitechapel Gallery and the John Moores among others. She works in oils her prefered medium in her home studio. She descirbes her work as an expressive reaction and interperatation to the enviroment she lives in. Her works range from the representational to the contemporary, presently moving towards more figurative work. Artist o Geredigion, Gorllewin Cymru, yw Jaqueline Jones. Mae wedi arddangos ei gwaith yn Oriel Whitechapel ac Oriel John Moores ymysg eraill.Mae'n gweithio yn bennaf mewn olew yn ei stiwdio gartref. Mae'n disgrifio ei gwaith fel adwaith mynegiannol a dehongliad o'r amgylchedd y mae'n byw ynddo.Mae amrediad ei gwaith yn amrywio o'r cynrychiadol i'r cyfoes, ac yn symud tuag at waith mwy ffigurolyn awr.
James EvansJames Evans
As an artist I have learned to carefully observe the beauty of the world around me; and then trust my inner self to translate what I observe into the language of art . Once when traveling on a local bus in Wales an elderly women on the way to market told me that "God took all the beauty in his pocket and made Wales and with what was left over he made the rest of the world". After twenty five years of countless long stays in Wales drawing with pen & ink and photographing for work in my studio her words just keep ringing true to my artistic sensibilities. When I am in Wales I am more at peace there than anywhere else in the world. Its architecture, land and seascapes, language, and people are an endless inspiration for my art. I ease my home-sickness for Wales by painting its landscapes all winter. I am not, I believe normally very emotional outwardly, but in 2008 when the Brecon choir sang "Land of our Fathers" just for my wife and I at the school where they rehearse the tears rolled I believe all of this to be part of a genetic memory. My father's GGG Grandfather came from Brecon Wales to America in December of 1775 as member of The Twenty-fourth of Foot to relieve Quebec, during the American revolution. My grandmother was a Jones, My great Aunt was an Evans that married an Evans, and I am an Evans that married an Evans.
John Hopkin DaviesJohn Hopkin Davies
I live and work in Clydach in the Swansea valley. After receiving a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art in 1983 I became a primary school teacher. Having my own children and teaching took up all my time so had very little time to dedicate to my own art. Now my children are grown up I have returned to the passion for creating my art. I am inspired by the landscape around me, particularly the hills of the Brecon Beacons and the buildings and animals that inhabit them. I love creating detailed pencil drawings, paying particular attention to the tonal qualities of the land around me. I am also inspired by the plants and flowers I find in my garden and the local environment. I paint stylised flowers with vibrant colours on neutral backgrounds. I also take commissions including paintings and drawings of any type of pet.
Judith HayJudith Hay
I have been living and working in North Wales since 1995. I work mainly in oils and like to begin with a large amount of images to look at in sequence, I then produce paintings in groups. In the last few years I've been taking photos near my home for this purpose, I gather together hundreds and the people, shapes and details become part of a pattern whilst retaining their individuality. I'm interested in the reasons people take photographs, the urge to preserve, archive and share them, I've also always been interested in the surfaces of old prints, slides, negatives, shiny screens. I'm currently working on a new project based on my Fathers photography from the last six decades, working through someone else's sensibility and viewpoint.
Ken AllumKen Allum
Ken Allum lives and works on Anglesey. He has taught for many years and now spends much of his time making art. He has exhibited throughout the UK, including the Royal Academy and Mall Galleries in London.
Lynette LT Carter-EvansLynette LT Carter-Evans
Each piece of art sold is in aid of South Wales ChildLine, an organisation which is very dear to my heart. Having a devoted father and an abusive mother created a foundation to see the world and all within, in countless ways. From an early age creating art became a way of expressing many worlds, sometimes far from reality, while trying to keep the characteristics of whatever I am about to paint. Many of my art pieces harmonise an abused child’s fantasy world which stems from my own childhood. While in many pieces I free deep emotion in transforming the world’s ugliness into desirability. Photography has always interested me; however I soon found myself wondering what if I stripped away the colours’ from a photograph then repainted them. This soon became my way of becoming a Digital Artist.
Nick John ReesNick John Rees
Nick is a marine artist living & working in Wales. Art has always played an important part in his life and he is particularly influenced by Turner & Monet and their use of light. His work reflects his fascination with the effect of light on nature and, following the advice of his friend and mentor Sir Kyffin Williams R.A. Nick decided to concentrate on his life-long passion for the sea - always the same, yet never the same. Nick exhibits his work throughout galleries in England & Wales and has also exhibited at the Royal Cambrian Academy. Although he has inspiration on his doorstep he also enjoys travelling to other beautiful coastlines, particularly throughout Wales, Devon, Cornwall & Brittany. He strives wherever possible to start a canvas en plein air, finishing it back in his studio.
Orwel WilliamsOrwel Williams
My name is Orwel Williams and I was born in the small village of Gwalchmai on Anglesey North Wales in 1971 , im a self taught artist im fascinated with my surroundings old cottages and farmsteads which i add colour and life into these paintings ,oil on canvas/boards is my favourite kind of paint and adding various colours that represents moods and life to bring the paintings to life .for the last 20 years ive travelled with my work so didnt have much time for painting its only the last few years that ive settled back on anglesey and really got back into my first love ,painting and hopefully one day these paintings will tell a story of these dwellings that have long been pulled down and forgotten.
Paul NichollsPaul Nicholls
I have worked as an image maker for several years, Fulflling commissions for Advertising, Editorial as well as a large number of books for childrens publishing . A character designer for an EMMY award winning childrens tv series. Winner of the Demonfort New Artist Competition These bold and stylized landscapes originate from my surroundings and are a combination of observation and interpretation. Represented by: Advocate-art London/New York office
Stephen KingstonStephen Kingston
I work in a wide variety of media, to include film, video, photography, painting and drawing. The subject matter varies too, with people, landscapes, still lives, and more abstract themes. My web site incorporates all the work that I do on a much larger scale in the form of paintings or murals. These are usually part of a public space, and it is possible to follow new developments through the site too.
Tony David RobertsTony David Roberts
Born in Flintshire in North Wales. Studied Art & Design in Wales and London. Worked in the visual communication industry for 30 years. I have worked in the UK, USA and Ireland before returning to Wales in 1989. I have concentrated on painting since 2004 after receiving a grant from the Welsh Arts Council in 2007. My work has been exhibited in the UK, Ireland and the USA and has been described as a cross between sculpture and painting with a look of ceramics. In 2007 I was shortlisted for the Bath University Painting Prize (one of nine selected) Current practice (bas-relief paintings) I am involved in the creation of artworks that have been produced from discarded and recycled materials. The ideas and themes behind this work first came about eight years ago observing how companies in particular, discard printed matter without considering the research, time and effort that has gone into producing these items. All the books I used in those early projects have been in their life, the vision and inspiration of someone. The contents, both text and imagery would have occupied a number of people for months and possibly years to the cost of thousands of pounds. I gave them a different dimension in a new format, where their previous purpose and meaning my be considered. The continued evolution of my work (skins) are derived from aspects related to issues and concerns in the natural environment and mans carbon footprint. The majority of my work is created in response to observations of natural phenomena and man's past influence and intervention on this planet. I am inspired by the landscapes and shorelines of Wales and influenced by a wide range of sources, natural and man-made, from domestic rubbish to coastal erosion to decomposing seabirds. The impetus to create art comes in itself from an unceasing urge to produce inspirational pieces from life's detritus, the discarded and considered worthless items of which there is an endless supply. To create inspirational pieces of art from life's detritus, the discarded and considered worthless items.

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